Denver Metro Area Aquarium & Fish Tank Maintenance


  • Arriving on time: We give you a day and time that we will be there each month such as “The second Tuesday of each month around 11:15am”
  • Lying down a movers quilt to protect your floors
  • Bring our own pre-mixed filtered water, we never use on site water*
  • Hydro-vac the substrate as we do a 10 to 20% water change
  • Replacing your evaporated water with RO water
  • Cleaning all decorations that will fit in a 5 Gal. bucket
  • Cleaning aquarium surfaces inside and out
  • Cleaning all filters as needed
  • Filling auto feeders, with no additional charge for the food
  • Supplying you with RO water to replace evaporated water if necessary
  • Putting everything back as we found it
  • Checking all livestock for well being
  • If we have access to your home or business via a key or code, we double check to make sure everything is locked when we leave
  • If you have an emergency the owner is on call 24/7/365 and has been for the last 30 years. The last thing you want in an emergency is “Voice Mail”

We proudly serve the Denver Metro area, including Aurora, Castle Rock, Lakewood, Centennial, and the surrounding areas in Colorado. Contact us for a free estimate!

* Our saltwater is made using reverse osmosis water and stored in 300 Gal. holding tanks  Freshwater is Denver tap water run through a 1/2 micron particulate filter then a 1/2 micron carbon filter and stored in 300 gal. holding tanks where a de-clorinator is added. RO water is monitored daily where a conductivity of “0” is maintained at all times, and stored in a 300 Ga. holding tank