Aquarium & Fish Tank Maintenance


  • Arriving on time: We give you a day and time that we will be there each month such as “The second Tuesday of each month around 11:15am”
  • Lying down a movers quilt to protect your floors
  • Bring our own pre-mixed filtered water, we never use on site water*
  • Hydro-vac the substrate as we do a 10 to 20% water change
  • Replacing your evaporated water with RO water
  • Cleaning all decorations that will fit in a 5 Gal. bucket
  • Cleaning aquarium surfaces inside and out
  • Cleaning all filters as needed
  • Filling auto feeders, with no additional charge for the food
  • Supplying you with RO water to replace evaporated water if necessary
  • Putting everything back as we found it
  • Checking all livestock for well being
  • If we have access to your home or business via a key or code, we double check to make sure everything is locked when we leave
  • If you have an emergence the owner is on call 24/7/365 and has been for the last 30 years. The last thing you want in an emergency is “Voice Mail”

* Our saltwater is made using reverse osmosis water and stored in 300 Gal. holding tanks  Freshwater is Denver tap water run through a 1/2 micron particulate filter then a 1/2 micron carbon filter and stored in 300 gal. holding tanks where a de-clorinator is added. RO water is monitored daily where a conductivity of “0” is maintained at all times, and stored in a 300 Ga. holding tank